300 HAM'R

Ready for a Blackout on Steroids!

The .300 HAM'R, conceived by Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat, represents an evolutionary leap beyond the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge, delivering enhanced range, accuracy, and terminal effectiveness.

Constructed on a modified .223 Remington cartridge case, the .300 HAM'R expands to embrace a .308 caliber bullet. It accommodates a diverse array of bullet weights, ranging from 110 to 150 grains, achieving muzzle velocities reaching up to 2,400 feet per second. This cartridge prioritizes superior precision, high muzzle velocity, and extended-range performance while preserving manageable recoil and exceptional terminal ballistics.

The .300 HAM'R finds its niche in hunting applications, particularly for medium to large game like deer and wild hogs, as well as tactical scenarios. It also enjoys popularity among sharpshooters and precision rifle competitors, drawn to its outstanding accuracy and ballistics performance. One notable advantage over the .300 AAC Blackout is its capacity to deliver energy at greater distances. Moreover, its compatibility with standard AR-15 magazines and lower receivers makes it an ideal choice for AR-15 rifles.

In sum, the .300 HAM'R emerges as a promising cartridge, seamlessly blending performance and versatility. It has garnered a strong following among hunters, tactical marksmen, and long-range aficionados alike.