6mm ARC

The 6mm ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge) is a relatively new rifle cartridge that was designed by Hornady Manufacturing Company in 2020. It is designed for use in both semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles and is suitable for hunting, tactical shooting, and competition.

The 6mm ARC is based on the 6.5 Grendel cartridge case, which has been necked down to accept a .243 caliber bullet. The cartridge features a short, fat case that provides excellent powder capacity while maintaining compatibility with standard AR-15 magazines. This allows shooters to use a variety of bullet weights and styles, including high ballistic coefficient bullets for long-range shooting.

The 6mm ARC is designed to offer superior accuracy, high muzzle velocity, and long-range performance, while still providing manageable recoil and excellent terminal ballistics. It is a versatile cartridge that is suitable for hunting medium-sized game, target shooting, and tactical applications.

Overall, the 6mm ARC is a promising new cartridge that offers a compelling combination of performance and versatility, and it has already gained popularity among hunters and competitive shooters.